"I opened my eyes and saw constellations whose names were their own business" -- Barbara Kingsolver, "Animal Farm"
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Cindy Suen:

I eat up my dash like this hungry cat every day, keeping the loveliness in my belly. Thank you Tumblr and all you awesome Tumblers for everything!

Thank you, Cindy. 

Europe’s great football nations, spotted in a Dublin pub.

Yeah that’s probably what I’d do too. 



that’s me most of the time 



Alihaydée Carreño-José Manuel Carreño

Two dancers that are simply out of this world with their strength, precision and turns! Watch the height of his jumps and effortless turns, and her mind blowing feat of hopping backwards across the stage in an arabesque en pointe. And when you thought she was done, she continues doing that in an almost ponche!


Dance Dance Dance <3

Someone please explain how the gravity works here.


Fouettes performed by 10 amazing ballerinas. This video is a tribute to all of these great dancers. It is not meant as a critical comparison. The ballerinas are, in order of appearance: 

1. Darcey Bussel - Royal Ballet (Le Corsaire)
2. Lucia Lacarra - Bayerische Staatsoper (Le Corsaire)
3. Maria Alexandrova - Bolshoi Ballet (Swan Lake)
4. Alina Cojocaru - Royal Ballet (Don Quixote)
5. Evgenia Obraztsova - Bolshoi (formerly Mariinsky Ballet) (Don Quixote)
6. Natalia Osipova - Bolshoi/Mikhailovsky/American Ballet Theatre (Flames of Paris)
7. Svetlana Zakharova - Bolshoi Ballet (Don Quixote)
8. Polina Semionova - Berlin State Opera (Swan Lake)
9. Marianela Nunez - Royal Ballet (Don Quixote)
10. Gillian Murphy - American Ballet Theatre (Swan Lake)

I still really really love Gillian Murphy’s fouettes! And to think I saw her live doing those fouettes too!


First algae powered building goes up in Hamburg, Germany

April 12, 2013 by Bob Yirka

A 15-unit apartment building has been constructed in the German city of Hamburg that has 129 algae filled louvered tanks hanging over the exterior of the south-east and south-west sides of the building—making it the first in the world to be powered exclusively by algae. Designed by Arup, SSC Strategic Science Consultants and Splitterwerk Architects, and named the Bio Intelligent Quotient (BIQ) House, the building demonstrates the ability to use algae as a way to heat and cool large buildings…

(Read more: PhysOrg)


Cat-Library: A feline-friendly shelving system

Does Madame Fluff wreak havoc every time she attempts to scale a bookcase? Make things a bit easier for her — while staying organized — with the Cat-Library, a modular shelving system with a kitty staircase.

(via rhamphotheca)

At least 12 crabs gave their lives for this very tasty lunch. 

- Dirty Ducks, Holyrood, Northern Ireland